Always anxiety? (+ advice, anyone?)

Alliteration, baby! *P.S. I talk about depression here, so please be careful.* It’s been such a long time since I last wrote anything. I sat down to write today while putting off startingĀ a uni assignment (healthy, I know) and realised that, actually, nothing has changed since I last wrote. Doctors are as unhelpful as ever,… Continue reading Always anxiety? (+ advice, anyone?)

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Recently I’ve had a change of heart. I’ve realised how long it can take to recover from something like anxiety. Although that hasn’t stopped me wanting to recover, it has made me change the way I think about my anxiety.
I’ve decided to view it as a blessing, rather than a curse. What good does it do to only see the negatives in life? Over the years, anxiety has done me quite a few favours, you may be surprised to hear. But when I think about it, anxiety has sometimes been my friend. It was sleepless nights that made me read countless books. It was the fear of failure that pushed me to work hard for exams and school work. It was fear of pain that stopped me going anything potentially dangerous. It was pure fear that stopped me taking that shortcut in the dark. Anxiety pushed me to find better friends when the ones I had were doing stupid things. Anxiety made me realise that my family is SO important and, as morbid as it sounds, I need to appreciate them while I can.

So yes, it’s an inconvenience. Sometimes it’s truly awful and hideous to cope with. But I think, for now at least, I’m willing to cope with that.

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Ugh politics

So, I know and care very little about politics and the like. Maybe that means I have no place taking about it. But I think when it affects me, I have a right to voice my opinion.
There is NO money going into mental health. There’s not even a mention of it in the new budget. There also wasn’t any mention of it on the news tonight. I am FUMING. I know I shouldn’t believe a word any politician says, but I had genuine hope that some money would go into mental health, like they promised. How on earth are mental health services supposed to improve if there’s no money going into it? How are people supposed to get treatment and get better and have a chance at a life without mental illness?
They clearly couldn’t care less that there are so many ill, suicidal, desperate people in our country.
It isn’t bloody good enough.
Rant over.