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St. Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day! Or at least, Valentine’s evening.
I wanted to post something about this marmite of a day (you either love it or ya hate it) because I’ve seen a lot of different things about it this year. There’s still been very little about how sufferers of a mental illness are affected at this time of year.

It’s damn difficult! I’m single and quite frankly I don’t give a damn. Normally. Today, though? Totally different story. It is all very well the big companies telling us not to worry about being single, to enjoy it and treat yo’self™. That is all very well.

HOWEVER. Illnesses make you feel lonely – any illness, not just mental ones. I want to focus on mental. Depression lies to you, tells you you’re alone because no one wants you. (LIEEEEEEEESSSS) Anxiety forces your social life to become utter nothingness. It makes you want friends, then renders you unable to talk to new people. *Example: new girl started at work, also has anxiety. I am itching to talk to her because I recognise that ‘oh god new people new place RUN’ look in her eyes and I want to tell her that but I’m literally incapable of starting a conversation* I’m fairly sure there are also about a million other ways mental illness can make you lonely, but I’d rather stick to my own experiences and avoid putting words in people’s mouths.

So it’s already an incredibly lonely place inside the mind of the mentally unhealthy. Valentine’s Day can make that loneliness unbearable, and I wish – WISH – that was taken into consideration. Now, I don’t want to be a complete party-pooper and of course people should celebrate, but I wish resources were made available for people like me who, yeah actually, do feel like rubbish on Valentine’s Day because they’re already in the loneliest place. I think the thing is, when relationships and ‘happiness’ are being pushed in your face, it’s hard to keep a grasp on what’s important and how completely and utterly ok it is to be by yourself. I just think it’s important that people are reminded to take care of themselves too. Not to sound too new-age hipped but self-care is so bloody important! And that is definitely not promoted at this time of year, when actually, this is when it’s most needed.



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