mental health · mental illness · politics

Ugh politics

So, I know and care very little about politics and the like. Maybe that means I have no place taking about it. But I think when it affects me, I have a right to voice my opinion.
There is NO money going into mental health. There’s not even a mention of it in the new budget. There also wasn’t any mention of it on the news tonight. I am FUMING. I know I shouldn’t believe a word any politician says, but I had genuine hope that some money would go into mental health, like they promised. How on earth are mental health services supposed to improve if there’s no money going into it? How are people supposed to get treatment and get better and have a chance at a life without mental illness?
They clearly couldn’t care less that there are so many ill, suicidal, desperate people in our country.
It isn’t bloody good enough.
Rant over.


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